Out Back In

"Out Back In" is a home based artisan business that focuses on repurposing items that have served their originally intended purpose, thus the name. We focus on women's jewelry and home decorations.

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205 Rolling Mill Court

Old Hickory, TN 37138

To contact us:

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Last weeks Edgehill Rocks Event was a blast with awesome weather, a really engaging crowd, good entertainment and as always way too much good food by local vendors. We also got a really nice large shipment of vintage watch faces and as always each piece they go into is one of a kind so once gone they are gone for good. Below are links to a few events where we’ll be showing and we look forward to seeing you there. We’ll be adding additional opportunities along the way so keep coming back, but as always you see what were up too on our facebook page.

If you see something you’re interested in, you see something you like but want it a little different, or want something just for you, please send us an email:

Recent Custom Pieces?

Upcycled wall décor cutouts made from castoff hardwood flooring.

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Upcycled vintage flatware bud vase that incorporates a hand flattened/bent spoon and portion of a hollow handle knife.

Upcycled vintage flatware bracelet with vintage chain, dimensional birth stone and paw charm. Piece commemorates a passed pet.

Online Shopping?

We maintain an online shop using Square. We have examples of custom jewelry that we’ve made, unique pieces that have been sold and could be a base idea for a new one. We also have a few pieces for sale as well. Our complete inventory is always available in our booth and if you have a questions please contact us.

We love to create something unique from something seemingly used up, hence our name. These unique pieces are perfect as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, special life milestones, memorials and holidays.


April 9  -  Historic Nolensville Buttercup Festival


April 23  -  Simply Vintage Antiques Craft Show

April 15 and 16  -  Sweet Tea and Shopping at Sumner County Fair Grounds